Hypnotherapy Sessions: What to Expect

Every Hypnotherapist works differently. After years of experience, I have found that this procedure works best for my clients. Sessions are about an hour.

First Session: The initial session, no matter what the issue or purpose is, will always be an intake. Part of the reason is to secure information so I know how to help you. Building a rapport with you, and having you know what to expect with Hypnosis will help make the future sessions more effective. No Hypnosis is done during the intake session.

  • You will fill out and sign a short form asking for basic contact and medical information.
  • We will discuss the issue you would like to resolve or modify.
  • We will discuss your lifestyle, which will help me choose the best methods to help you.
  • Together, we will set a goal. I might give some preparation for you do at home.
  • In some cases, such as for phobia, fears, panic attacks and stress, I will teach some coping skills.
  • I will answer any questions about Hypnotherapy, and explain exactly how I do things and why. This will assure that you don’t waste future sessions wondering if you’re hypnotized, or being nervous. I will dispel any basic myths about Hypnosis.
  • We will discuss how many sessions are recommended, and set up the next appointment. Each session after that will include hypnosis.

Hypnosis Sessions:

  • I recommend wearing comfortable clothing.
  • You will lie back on a soft recliner with your feet up, eyes closed.
  • Soft music will be playing in the background.
  • I will always explain what I intend to do before I hypnotize, to make sure you are comfortable with the process.

Part I - The Induction. Using words, imagery and instruction, I will induce a trance, and a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. Your conscious mind may or may not hear and remember what I say. Your subconscious mind will retain everything, no matter what. Remember, Hypnosis is NOT sleep.

Part II – The Therapy. Once you are in a comfortable hypnotic state, I will help you resolve the issue. There are many ways to do this, such as guided imagery, direct suggestions, parts therapy, inner child work, age regression, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). In most cases, I will do all the talking, and you will be doing it mentally. You might be asked to nod, take a deep breath, or lift a finger.

Anything discussed in any session is confidential.

Fees are payable at each session. The charge for the intake session will be the same as for each Hypnosis session.